Introducing THTG Pen Pals!

Project PenPals

Project: PenPals

Whether you’re six or 60, if you like to write and meet new friends in faraway places, we have just the thing to keep you busy!

Project PenPals will allow you to click on a name and send one of our orphans at St. Elizabeth’s Home a letter. You can even attach a photo if you wish.

Please visit our Project PenPals page and get busy, our kids are very excited to hear about your life here in the United States and learn about your interests and hobbies. Click on the image below to jump to the page.

Sponsor a child for the holidays!

Phiona Mbwali

What better way to spread good cheer than to give the gift of a monthly sponsorship for a deserving child in the St. Elizabeth’s Home of Angels. For just $45 per month, you can insure that a child from St. Elizabeth’s will receive a balanced diet, as well as clothing, housing and monthly care.

We would be happy to send a holiday card with your gift to the honored sponsor. Meet our children in need by visiting our Sponsor A Child page.

Bid often and high in our January Charity Auction!

Help us make 2019 the best year ever!

Our January Charity Auction has an amazing array of incredible items, from original works of art by the residents of The St. Elizabeth’s Home of Angels, to donations from generous supporters within our horse community.
Orphan Artists

St. Elizabeth’s Home of Angels in Uganda is home to 35 orphan children and 10 widows. This refuge for unfortunate children is under the direction of 27 year old Pamba Tomasi, an orphan himself.  Pamba lost both of his parents at 10 years of age when they were killed in a taxi accident. The orphans of St. Elizabeth’s are amazing talents and have been producing beautiful paintings on their own. The Heart That Gives Foundation has been assisting the orphanage by auctioning the paintings here on our website, along with other generous donations by members of our own horse community.

The orphanage is in need of monthly food, such as beans, rice, cornmeal, fruits and vegetables, as well as new mattresses, beds, and blankets.

The proceeds from this auction will also be used to assist the impoverished people in the KwaZulu Natal of South Africa.


Art from the Heart

We’re excited to announce the launch of our online Charity Auction!

These beautiful paintings were created by the children residing at St. Elizabeth’s Home of Angels in Uganda. They depict the landscape, the architecture, the people and the native animals of Uganda and are all painted in acrylic on natural canvas.

The paintings will ship rolled and you’ll be able to take them to your favorite art framing store to mount and frame as you like. Your high bid will include shipping within the continental U.S.

Our first auctions will close at 9 pm central standard time on November 30th, so visit our auction page and bid often!

Special bags for special donors

Handmade straw bags

Ugandan women making bagsWhile supplies last, we have an amazing selection of beautiful straw bags handmade by the Zulu women of South Africa. Your $100 donation will feed two families for a month, but this beautiful bag will show everyone you care for years to come!

We have assorted colors, if you have a preference, please add it to the line in your donation.

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Give a child a restful night of sleep

Children in Uganda need mattresses to sleep on

Fay Lowry with mattresses for orphans of UgandaSomething so simple that we commonly take for granted is a mattress and blanket. This is a much needed commodity that is so appreciated by our needy families. A blanket costs $10 and a mattress is $50.

[paypal_donation_button align=”right” border=”1″ LABLE_0=” value=’Blanket’ price=’10.00′ | value=’Mattress’ price=’50.00′ | value=’Mattress & Blanket’ price=’60.00′ ” lable_name=” Choose your donation: “]

The Power of Social Media

This year, for Katie’s birthday, she chose to celebrate by asking her friends/family to consider donating to The Heart That Gives Foundation.  We can’t believe how successful her birthday fundraiser was and can’t thank her enough for her incredible act of kindness!

In response to her fundraiser, Katie posted…

“Thank you everyone for your sweet birthday wishes! I had a great day and am so thankful for all of my friends + family. even better news, we raised $2610 for The Heart That Gives Foundation! When I started this last week and wanted to raise $500, you all were completely generous and blew away my expectations! thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Holiday Cheer in the Kwazulu Natal

The Heart That Gives Foundation surprised five very impoverished families today with a ration of food and household supplies. Our staff member Eric wore a Santa hat and also brought an extra Santa hat for the pictures. These families will now be on our monthly food distribution list. It was a happy day for all!!

Just an Update…


We have received an overwhelming amount of support and donations and cannot thank those who have graciously contributed.

The Heart That Gives Foundation is pleased to announce that we are in the process of locating 20 families that are in need of our assistance in the Kwazulu Natal region of South Africa. These families will receive a monthly ration of food for ONE YEAR!! They will also receive extra items each month, such as soap, blankets, clothes, etc…. This would not be possible if it wasn’t for the generous donations we have received from so many giving people. Thank you!!!

The Heart That Gives Foundation is honored to be a community service option for the participants of the UPHA Ribbons of Service.

If you would like to join us on our next trip to South Africa in February 2018, read more about our trips.

If you are interested in contributing, visit here to donate.