The things we hope for lead us to faith, while the things we hope in lead us to charity.

—Dieter P. Uchtdorf

It began with a visit to the KwaZulu Natal area of South Africa, encouraged by friends. Seeing the spectacular landscape was breathtaking, meeting and understanding the plight of its people was heart wrenching. The proud Zulu tribes have been left without homes, without jobs, without futures. Many have no government assistance for even their most basic needs, and many are HIV positive.

To feed a family of four costs just $42 per month, a small amount many of us would take for granted.

The Heart That Gives Foundation is funded solely by donations and its mission is to rebuild the Zulu nation through kindness and support. Our equestrian community has been a primary contributor to this mission and our continuing work is changing the lives and giving hope to the Zulu people.

Won’t you join us?

Who We Are


THTGF is a 501c3 organization that has been established to help the hungry and the poor people of the Kwazulu Natal region of South Africa and orphan children and disabled people of Uganda.

Uganda has an orphan crisis with over 2.5 million orphans, according to a UNICEF study. An orphaned child is often alone in an adult world. The effects of a child becoming an orphan are terrible and include improper nutrition. Orphans often do not have the means to properly feed themselves.

So why are there so many orphans? It is estimated that 1.2 million children are orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. That leaves 1.3 million children that are orphaned due to preventable diseases, food security and poverty.

Meet Fay Lowry

Fay is the founder and face behind The Heart That Gives Foundation.  While on a mission trip to South Africa in May of 2016, she fell in love with the Zulu people and knew she wanted to do more.  In July of 2017, Fay started The Heart That Gives Foundation.

As far as life outside of the foundation goes, Fay is a wife and mother of two daughters, four dogs and two kitties. Fay and her husband, Jim, are horse trainers/managers at High Spirits Farm in Columbia, Missouri, where they train American Saddlebred, Morgan and Hackney show horses.

Fay’s dream with The Heart That Gives Foundation is to bring awareness to the needs of the Zulu people and to help them in every way possible.  She hopes to benefit the Zulu people with providing food, education and resources. Through the Foundation, Fay hopes to take many trips to South Africa with youth from America and allow them to experience the joys of giving back to others much less fortunate.


Katie Cunningham

Katie makes her home in Oklahoma City, where she runs and owns her own photography business. In her spare time, she loves to travel, exercise, and spend time with friends and family. She enjoys teaching indoor cycling at CycleBar, and also loves spending time in Missouri with her horses. A few years ago, Katie spent three weeks in Zambia, serving on a mission trip for orphaned children. On this trip, she was able to minister to these children, and witness firsthand what a kind heart and warm food can do for these desperate people. Katie wants to bring awareness and raise money for The Heart That Gives Foundation in order to help people similar to the ones she served years ago, and would eventually love to travel back to South Africa and use her documentary style photos to capture and share how The Heart That Gives Foundation is changing people’s lives.

Jamie Gerardi 

Belle Hufferd


Audrey Lowry and Abby Cockerham

Open Your Heart

Your gift to THTG will touch many lives, no matter the amount you can spare. The button below will allow you to choose your amount and you may also choose to make it a monthly recurring donation, which is extremely beneficial for us to plan for more large scale projects that can dramatically change lives for the better.

Please note: We process our donations securely and safely via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account, just click on the white bar with the blue type that says “Pay with a credit/debit card” that is under the “Login with PayPal” blue button.

Special Needs

Our foundation has purchased uniforms for many impoverished children in South Africa and Uganda. Just $45 will buy a uniform for the school year. This includes a shirt, sweater, pants or skirt, socks and shoes.

Children in Uganda need mattresses to sleep onSomething so simple that we commonly take for granted is a mattress and blanket. This is a much needed commodity that is so appreciated by our needy families. A blanket costs $10 and a mattress is $50.

We have also provided toys, supplies and mattresses for daycare centers in South Africa.

Latest News

  • Buy Now Basket Auction and MORE
    We have a few beautiful handmade Zulu woven baskets available, so we’ve put them in our THTG Charity Auction and you can bid over or Buy Now and we’ll include shipping! We also have added many new baskets to our St. Elizabeth’s Art Sale, so hurry over to get first pick of these unique items. Go to the Auction | Go to the Art Sale
  • Introducing THTG Pen Pals!
    Project: PenPals Whether you’re six or 60, if you like to write and meet new friends in faraway places, we have just the thing to keep you busy! Project PenPals will allow you to click on a name and send one of our orphans at St. Elizabeth’s Home a letter. You can even attach a photo if you wish. Please visit our Project PenPals page and get busy, our kids are very excited to hear about your life here in the United States and learn about your interests and hobbies. Click on the image below to jump to the page.
  • Sponsor a child for the holidays!
    What better way to spread good cheer than to give the gift of a monthly sponsorship for a deserving child in the St. Elizabeth’s Home of Angels. For just $45 per month, you can insure that a child from St. Elizabeth’s will receive a balanced diet, as well as clothing, housing and monthly care. We would be happy to send a holiday card with your gift to the honored sponsor. Meet our children in need by visiting our Sponsor A Child page.
  • Bid often and high in our January Charity Auction!
    Help us make 2019 the best year ever! Our January Charity Auction has an amazing array of incredible items, from original works of art by the residents of The St. Elizabeth’s Home of Angels, to donations from generous supporters within our horse community. St. Elizabeth’s Home of Angels in Uganda is home to 35 orphan children and 10 widows. This refuge for unfortunate children is under the direction of 27 year old Pamba Tomasi, an orphan himself.  Pamba lost both of his parents at 10 years of age when they were killed in a taxi accident. The orphans of St. Elizabeth’s …

Project PenPals


Project PenPals

After some discussion broke out on our Facebook page, we’ve decided to “Connect Across Continents” by starting a PenPals program for our THTGF kids who are anxious to communicate with the wonderful people who generously support them.

Click on the name of any of the children below, and you’ll be able to compose a letter that will be emailed right to their mailbox. You can even attach a photo of yourself, your horse, your dog or cat, or a lovely sunset.