The things we hope for lead us to faith, while the things we hope in lead us to charity.

—Dieter P. Uchtdorf

It began with a visit to the KwaZulu Natal area of South Africa, encouraged by friends. Seeing the spectacular landscape was breathtaking, meeting and understanding the plight of its people was heartwrenching. The proud Zulu tribes have been left without homes, without jobs, without futures. Many have no government assistance for even their most basic needs, and many are HIV positive.

To feed a family of four costs just $42 per month, a small amount many of us would take for granted.

The Heart That Gives Foundation is funded solely by donations and its mission is to rebuild the Zulu nation through kindness and support. Our equestrian community has been a primary contributor to this mission and our continuing work is changing the lives and giving hope to the Zulu people.

Won’t you join us?