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THTGF is a 501c3 organization that has been established to help the hungry and the poor people of the Kwazulu Natal region of South Africa and orphan children and disabled people of Uganda.

Nearly half the adult population of South Africa lives in poverty. The South African government measures poverty by three threshold points. … According to the Department of Statistics in South Africa, 49.2% of the population over the age of 18 falls below the upper-bound poverty line. Lack of access to employment is arguably the single greatest cause of rural poverty. Learn More

Meet Fay Lowry

Fay is the founder and face behind The Heart That Gives Foundation. While on a mission trip to South Africa in May of 2016, she fell in love with the Zulu people and knew she wanted to do more. In July of 2017, Fay started The Heart That Gives Foundation As far as life outside of the foundation goes, Fay is a wife and mother of two daughters, four dogs and two kitties. Fay and her husband, Jim, are horse trainers/managers at High Spirits Farm in Columbia, Missouri, where they train American Saddlebred, Morgan and Hackney show horses. Learn More
We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

–Winston Churchill

Board of Directors


Katie Hass

Oklahoma City, OK


Belle Hufferd

Roanoke, IN


Jamie Gerardi

Seymour, IL

Open Your Heart

Your gift to THTGF will touch many lives, no matter the amount you can spare. You can choose your amount, and also designate your donation to continue as a monthly recurring donation. Recurring donations are extremely beneficial for us to plan for more large-scale projects that dramatically change lives for the better.
Sponsor A Child
Today, you can change the story of a child in Kabira Village, Iganga District, Uganda by sponsoring an orphan at St. Elizabeth’s Home of Angels. Learn More

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Memorial to Gayle Singer


In Gayle’s honor

Gayle Singer and her husband Byron have known Fay Lowry for over 40 years when they met through their involvement with Morgan horses. When Gayle’s daughter Whitney (Tolle) won the Youth of the Year competition, she chose a trip to South Africa as her prize. That experience was the beginning of our family’s connection to South Africa. Gayle and Byron visited South Africa many times. They also hosted multiple South African twentysomethings at their farm in Indiana. At one time they had 5 South Africans living at the farm! The people who they met while traveling in South Africa and their visitors to the USA became life-long friends of the family.

In Gayle’s honor

When Fay began The Heart That Gives Foundation in 2017, Gayle was immediately interested because of the South Africa connection. She always enjoyed doing service projects and Fay’s foundation made it doubly enticing because of the location. The onset of the pandemic gave the impetus for her first project for THTGF. This involved sewing dresses and shorts for the children in South Africa and the St. Elizabeth’s Home of Angels Orphanage in Uganda. 

She and I created 63 dresses and 65 shorts and t-shirt sets. We also made 20 aprons for the adults, 20 long skirts for the older girls, a few baby bibs and 102 reusable sanitary pads. We organized the donation of over 300 pairs of underwear as well. The next year she helped raise funds to send over 100 children’s books and Bibles in English to the orphanage in Uganda. Even after Gayle was diagnosed with leukemia, she and Byron secured over 300 toothbrushes for donation. She also helped prep pieces for another set of aprons that will go to Uganda in October.

Byron, Whitney and I know that supporting The Heart That Gives Foundation was important to Gayle. We know that donations made in her memory will do the greatest good because it all goes directly to the people who need it most, which is what she would want.
-Ashley Singer

In Gayle’s honor

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